May 18, 2016

Fast and smart solutions that simply layer into your existing infrastructure and require almost no resources to deploy and maintain.


Businesses are rapidly looking beyond their existing IT infrastructure demanding greater flexibility and access to remote working,

Bring-Your-Own devices, Internet of Things, external data sources, cloud computing, and slick productivity tools.


Removing friction to adopt innovative network security, optimization and assurance tools, we help balance what’s right for both networks and business.



Save up to 50% on firewall utilization either on-premise or in the cloud

Saves money vs. adding or upgrading firewalls

Optimize network speed up to 50%

Rapid deployment



Proprietary technology detects and confirms breaches in minutes, not days

Monitor data flow across the entire network infrastructure

Simplify regulatory compliance and mitigate legal risk

Validate secure zones to offer expanded business productivity options

Constantly assure your data protection strategies are operating as planned

Clandestine installation and monitoring options available to guard against internal threats

Identify and reduce false alarms

Rapid deployment



Only WiFi security product available that simultaneously monitors all 802.11 channels

Compare with competition – they can only hop and scan channels – leaving gaps exploited by bad actors

Proprietary technology represents highest level of protection available for wireless networks

Purpose built to secure Enterprise Wireless and IoT environments demanding superior technology



U.S. built, tested and supported appliances operate any firewall software

Comprehensive support including options to last forever

Change firewall software at any time without replacing hardware

Patented High Availability features that protect and save money

Proprietary ResOs Operating System is simple and effective

Rugged and harsh environment solutions available

U.S. designed, assembled and tested for reliability and hardware security

Exceptionally low RMA rates including numerous cases of appliances currently installed for more than 10 years without fail


We have decades worth of experience helping vertical and horizontal thinking IT departments of all sizes with faster and smarter innovation.

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